Here you can find links, reports and posts about findings of our project in Korup, Cameroon.

Thanks to the expertise of Martin Hadley at University of Oxford’s Academic IT Research Support Team (and specifically the Live data Project) we now have the ability to display in an interactive way our gunshot data from the Korup region.

We can’t currently embed the graph in this website, but you can explore the data by following this link. Feel free to select on the different tabs, select a subset of dates using the sliders, scroll over the graphs to get specific values and even zoom in in some cases.



You can download, and read more about,  the automatic gunshot detection algorithm that we developed and used for our project by going to the following FigShare link.



We would love to hear about your experience with using the detection algorithm (note: it takes quite sometime to install…do not despair!), and we would appreciate if you a) dropped us a quick email to tell us where and how you are using it and b) cited us in your publications as:

Wrege, PW and Rowland ED, and Keen S. 2017. guns8_templateDetector_installer.exe. Figshare. DATE/TIME