Workshop -Buea, Cameroon / Dec. 10-11, 2015


On Dec. 10-1, 2015 in Buea, Cameroon, we held the final workshop of our project at the Ministry of Forest and Wildlife’s (MINFOF) regional headquarters.

The workshop was attended by representatives of government agencies and protected areas in Cameroon’s/Nigeria’s rainforest region (Korup NP, Cross River NP, Mt Cameroon NP, Takamanda NP, Banyang Mbo WS, Rumpi Hills FR, Kagwene GS,Dja Biosphere, Campo-Ma’an NP) as well as wildlife conservation organizations (WCS-Cameroon, WCS-Nigeria, WWF-CFP, ZSL, KRCS, EFRP). Darwin Inititative partners presented results from our project, and discussed with participants the advantages and challenges of implementing an acoustic monitoring protocol as part of protected area management strategies in their area.


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