Xmas/NY – Not a period of joy for wildlife (but there is help on the way!)

It has always been suspected that the period leading to the New Year festive season is one where there is increased pressure on local wildlife from illegal hunting, as people try to either get food or income.

That much was known. What was not known however was that hunting pressure inside Korup NP increased weeks ahead and following Christmas/New Year as much as 600% compared to other months!

Using this new insight from the acoustic monitoring grid, the Korup NP management team – supported by the Darwin Initiative project partners – developed new, targeted anti-poaching patrols for some of the park’s most critical for wildlife areas. The game guards are working hard as we speak to make a difference, day and night.

We hope to report in this forum in the months ahead that this festive season will be a safe and joyful one for humans and wildlife alike!

Examination of the acoustic data from the Korup region has shown that


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