Free Audio reviewing/editing software worth considering – Audacity


In addition to the Raven software that one would want to have for their data analysis, we also recommend installing on your computers the light yet powerful free Audacity software. You can easily clip sound clips from larger files to help develop your sound library.

Your kit should also include 1-2 good headphones that allow you to clearly, and without distortions/interference review your sound data!


2 thoughts on “Free Audio reviewing/editing software worth considering – Audacity

  1. Peter Wrege

    Audacity is particularly useful for checking that recording sensors are functioning correctly because you can open an entire 24-hour sound file easily and view the wave form of the sound. If there are long gaps in the recording these will show up clearly. Because Raven generates a spectrogram when opening files (memory intensive), it is difficult to view long sounds without memory issues.


  2. Peter Wrege

    One of the best uses for Audacity is to spot-check that sensors are recording properly. With Audacity it is possible to drop in an entire 24-hr sound file and quickly look at the ‘wave form’ to verify recording quality. You can do this for a random selection of files (some early, some middle, some late in the deployment period) to hopefully pick up any microphone or sensor problems.

    Raven, by contrast, wants to generate a spectrogram representation of the sound, which needs lots of memory for each minute of sound. It is usually not possible to open a 24-hr file in one go and see it all in the spectrogram window.



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