This is the website of the Darwin Initiative Project (Ref 20-012) “Improving anti-poaching patrol evaluation and design in African rainforests”.

The purpose of the site is to share our experiences and findings with using acoustic sensors to monitor levels of gun-hunting pressure within Korup National Park, and to serve as a forum for discussion/idea sharing of people interested in using similar technology in the field of conservation.

Summary of project objective:

Poaching in Central Africa imperils wildlife, is illegal and undermines the sustainability of local livelihoods while legitimizing a corrupted attitude between people and protected areas.

The project uses robust but innovative technology, centred on acoustic monitoring, to design, implement and evaluate anti-poaching strategies, leading to the development of a novel decision-support system to be rolled out across Central Africa.

Developed first for Korup NP (Cameroon), this evidence-based anti-poaching protocol is intended to efficiently protect wildlife source populations within protected areas, while laying the foundation for sustainable forest uses, and thus increased food security, job opportunities, and – ultimately – poverty alleviation.

You can read more about the study design, equipment used, preliminary data analysis, partners and collaborations, and off-shoot projects by clicking on the relevant tabs above.